TVGuide has published a list of 10 characters they’d like to see on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and who they would like to play the role.

Here are their nominations.

  1. Taskmaster (Tony Masters) — Nathan Fillion
  2. Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) — Eliza Dushku
  3. Power Man (Luke Cage) — Michael Jai White
  4. Iron Fist (Danny Rand) — Ray Park
  5. Quake (Daisy Johnson) — Summer Glau
  6. Jewel (Jessica Jones) — Abigail Spencer
  7. Scorpio (Jake Fury) — Omar Epps
  8. Mockingbird (Barbara "Bobbi" Morse Barton) — Laura Vandervoort
  9. Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) — Emily VanCamp
  10. Clay Quartermain — Ryan McPartlin

Do you agree with their choices? Add your wish list in the comments below.

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