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Best Apps and Casino Games for NVIDIA

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What is Nvidia Shield Tv?

Nvidia shield tv is an android tv, a new generation android tv based digital multimedia console that enables playing multiple Nvidia shield best apps on your tv. This next-generation tv console was released in the USA on the 25th of May, 2015. This outstanding product has been brought to the market by agents of shield tv com. The Android console has an inbuilt memory of 3GB. With other integrated features like 16 GB Shield flash memory or 500 GB Shield Pro hard disk and microSD card reader.

Play and Stream PC Games on NVIDIA SHIELD

Until now all we could play our online video games were on PC and our mobile phones. But sometimes it gave us back pain and sometimes it ended up in neck pain. Many people love playing their favorite games on a larger screen sitting comfortably, or with many people at a time. For all those who fall in this particular criteria, this android tv is just your thing that streams the best games for Nvidia shield and the Nvidia shield best apps on a large screen. along with streaming all the tv apps, news and tv updates, it also enables the tv gaming in just a touch on the screen. The Nvidia shield best apps that you need to install in your android tv are:

  1. MX player: it is the best video player that supports Android. It plays the best quality videos on your android system to give you the best experience.
  2. Netflix: our generation is a “Netflix and chills” generation, without a Netflix installation in our system, our system won’t seem to be complete
  3. Steam link: if you are a fan of steam games, you need to have this installed in your android tv so that you can play them on your tv without interruption.
  4. Google chrome: is there any more app more useful than this? For the information of the world in your fingertips, google chrome is the app that you need in your android tv.
  5. Spotify: if you are a music enthusiast and want to experience good quality music then definitely install this in your system. You will forget listening to music on youtube.

Most Popular Online best Games for Nvidia Shield

Here is a list of the best games for Nvidia shield:

  1. 7 Days to Die
  2. A Boy and His Blob
  3. Absolver
  5. Bard’s Tale IV
  6. Bastion
  7. Batman: Arkham Asylum
  8. Homefront®: The Revolution
  9. Hot Lava
  10. So Many Me

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Android Games for Nvidia Shield

The best android games to play on the Nvidia shield tv are:

  1. Death Road To Canada: the best survival game ever made for Android, where you have to escape a zombie by fleeing away to Canada
  2. Morphite: an indie game for your android with colorful planetscapes.
  3. Metal Gear Solid 2 HD: a sequel to Metal Gear Solid, it is all about a rookie on his mission to save the president from an evil.
  4. ClusterTruck: it is a physics-based game, in which you have to save yourself in between the semi trucks which are getting blown off by obstacles and falling stones etc.
  5. The Witness: it is a hardcore puzzle adventure game in which you find yourself in a mysterious island trying to solve a puzzle.
  6. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: it’s a mechanical game with lots of fight and weapons.

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