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I still dread the days when we used to have those basic mobile phones which could be used only for calling and texting. Then one day came the Android and changed our entire world. From apps designed by amateurs to popular games like League of Legends that you can play for free, the Android OS…

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Nvidia Android Games

Is cloud gaming the future of video games? I can’t confirm that today. Nevertheless, we tested one of the most successful solutions: GeForce Now on a Shield TV. A 100 % Nvidia solution. If you own a Shield TV, you may have been able to apply the latest update. This update brought Google Assistant, but…

NVIDIA Shield Review
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NVIDIA Shield Review

Quality multimedia boxes are not numerous in France, and yet, users are fed up of standard interfaces of TV and internet boxes. In front of the Apple TV stands a little unknown machine: The Shield TV, designed by Nvidia. We tested it. The box TV market is not the most developed in France. In fact,…