Anthony "Tony" Stark
Played By: Robert Downey, Jr.
Job Title: Consultant
Clearance: N/A
Special Skills: Engineer
First Appeared: N/A


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edit] Appeared In

  • 1×01 Pilot (Mention only)

edit] Character Summary

As the developer and primary user of the Iron Man armor, Anthony "Tony" Stark was the first publicly known superhero in the modern age. The self-proclaimed genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist was also a cornerstone member of The Avengers

Mortally injured following a weapons demonstration in Afghanistan, Stark was held captive and forced to develop weaponry by the Ten Rings. Tony Stark instead turned his genius to developing a miniaturized Arc Reactor to both keep lethal shrapnel from shredding his heart and to power a high-tech suit of armor, the first Iron Man suit, to enable him to escape. The "unusual" nature of Stark’s escape drew the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D., who sent Agent Phil Coulson to perform an an Index/Asset Evaluation and Intake

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edit] Other Appearances

  • Iron Man
  • Iron Man 2
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • The Avengers
  • Iron Man 3

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