Spoiler Warning: IGN’s comments below go into specific detail about clips from episode 13 “T.R.A.C.K.S.” (Airs Feb 4) that were shown to the press during a set tour yesterday.  Please read at your own risk.

Mike Peterson in The Magical Place

Peterson’s incarnation of Deathlok will be seen in the next Agents of SHIELD episode, airing February 4th. In a clip shown to press today, we saw Mike watching a park from afar where his son is playing. He holds up a piece of paper in front of him on which he’s written, “Can I please see my son?” The answer he’s given, inside his digital eye, is “Not yet.” The camera pans down and we see Mike’s new, metallic leg and a close up shows the words Cybertek and Dethlok stamped into the metal in small letters.

In another scene, Bill Paxton’s John Garrett joins Coulson to interrogate a captured Ian Quinn. Quinn looks battered and bloody – he’s been beaten up by someone else, causing Garrett to comment that someone already managed to play the role of “bad cop” he’d been planning to take. That doesn’t stop Garrett from demanding, “Tell us about Cybertek and the Deathlok program.” Game over man, game over!

IGN went on to discuss a scene in which we will see Lady Sif confront Lorelei.

“Sif demands Lorelei return with her, as Lorelei taunts Sif, saying she loves a man “Who considers you more of a pet.” Soon things get physical, and the two Asgardian goddesses are fighting each other. Sif once more proves she’s a badass, as she flips Lorelei over, slamming her onto the ground and covering her mouth with a guard, similar to the one Loki was made to wear at the end of The Avengers.

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