According to vulture.com a significant guest star from early in Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. will return for the season finale on May 13.

Vulture ran into Samuel L. Jackson (Director Nick Fury) recently and asked if he would reprise his role in the series any time this season. While he would not reveal any details he did let slip that he was on set recently and filmed a scene  for the season finale.

 Jackson laughed and said, “I did! Last week! I just shot the end-of-the-season show. You’re trying to get me fired and killed! I don’t talk about Marvel’s business. None of us do.”

Given the significance of ongoing threads in the show and how they tie so heavily into Captain America: The Winter Soldier in which Jackson has a significant role we are not surprised to hear he will return to the show and we will not be surprised if another member of the cast finds their way into the finale too.

Nick Fury discussing the damaged Bus with Agent Coulson  in Season 1 Episode 2 “0-8-4″


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