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Sitting with @lil_henstridge. Any questions?

— Agents of SHIELD (@AgentsofSHIELD) June 4, 2013

We have recapped the Q & As for you.

Dan Metcalf @metcalfwriter: What’s the fastest land mammal?

EH: a Whedon fan running to watch the pilot this fall!! x

Dave DSG @Dave_DSG: How is working with @josswhedon who can rewrite and adapt the script at any moment? it was overwelming?

EH: it’s incredibly exciting, life should be an adventure right?! x

Daniela Fierro @daniefierro: what is the most interesting thing about your character that you can reveal?

EH: that there are sooo many secrets to be discovered about her…

Superoo13 @Superoo13: When will Agents of Shield be aired on TV?

EH: This fall x

Rrringiil @Rrringriil: Please describe your character.

EH: hyper intelligent bio-chemist with a love for what she does x

Eliot J Fallows @EliotJFallows: How do cameras work?

EH: with very clever people behind them x

Carol @EvilQueen13: Are you excited to kick some villain butt? #agentsofshield

EH: for sure!x

Matthew Wright @mattoftheblues: always heard about the Whedon family, what was it like becoming a part of it?

EH: a true honor and a lot of fun! x

Jeroen…… @jeeve2010: how is to work whit marvel and did you read comics?

EH: so amazing, a real dream come true!

Phil Ogden @jphilogden: Who is Elizabeth Henstridge?

EH: a very lucky girl

Adam Christopher @ChristoCinco: how do you view your dynamic with Fitz? Equals? Opposites? Ying and yang?

EH: ying and yang, like brother and sister; we bicker but will always have each other’s backs x

The Proud Robot @Proud_Robot: Is @josswhedon ever on set?

EH: yes! He’s the best x

S.H.I.E.L.D. TV @SHIELDtv: how does she feel about playing a British character on a US TV show

EH: very happy to represent! x

Grace Kim @AmzGraceKim: Are all the avengers member can appear in drama?

EH: watch this space…

Collin Harvey @CelloC: Yes, are you on a stool or a chair?

EH: one of those beachy, canvas chairs. Black canvas, pine wood. (I felt like you’d appreciate the specificity) x

ZP International @zpinternational: What’s your favorite thing to do on set so far?

EH: I tend to pinch myself

Kevin @Kevin_1402: What has been your preparation for this role?

EH: lots of Marvel digging and good old character play x

Spence @MikeSpencer0192: is she a bit of a geek herself & if she could be a hero or heroine who would she pick?

EH: I’m a big geek, it’s so hard to pick just one but Storm is pretty kick ass! x

bethbethbeth @bethbethbeth01: Before being cast, did you have much familiarity with the SHIELD-centric world or Marvel comics generally?

EH: I was always there for the first midnight showings of the movies x

Joel FitzPatrick @joelfitzpaddy: what will the fans be most excited to see in the new series?

EH: EVERYTHING! I wish I could tell you but you’ll just have to trust me x

Arne AKA Ratscape @ratscape: Can you tell us if you’ll be at #comiccon next month?

EH: I would love to be! x

Paul @OnePaulie: Did you “borrow” any mementoes from set?

EH: hahaha, of course not… x

Tim Cielinski @TimCielinski: Is Joss Whedon amazing or what?!?!?!


elisa g schneider @corellianjedi2: How does it feel knowing your life is about to change in a major/awesome way!?

EH: it feels unreal and really, really freaking cool! x

Tim Cielinski @TimCielinski: Favorite nighttime snack?!?

EH: gotta be cereal x

Oscar Gonzalez @oscareg21: what can we expect from the show?

EH: action, heart, surprises…just a lotta lotta awesome happenings x

Thomas Ellis ?@tomellis19: are you ready for both the hard core Whedonites and Marvel fans?

EH:  I think so(!) they’ve all been really lovely so far x

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