Mike Peterson
Played By: J August Richards
Alias: Deathlok
Special Skills: Super strength
First Appeared: 1×01 Pilot


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edit] Character Summary

Mike Peterson is a single father of a young boy named Ace. Prior to the start of the series, Mike was injured in a work accident and laid off from the factory where he worked. Most of his family’s savings likely went into his back therapy costs, leading his wife to leave him and their young son. One day while he was at one of his back therapy sessions, he was visited by Raina, who recruited him to take part in Project Centipede by assuring him that it "would change your life".

Shortly after being outfitted with the Centipede filter on his left arm, he began exhibiting traits of super strength and near invulnerability, though the secretive nature of the experiments meant he was still out of a job and was not eligible for workman’s compensation. While he was hanging around the corner of the Centipede lab one day, the lab exploded, and he climbed to the top floor lab by scaling the outside wall, and rescued the doctor in charge, Dr Debbie. This act was filmed by several eye-witnesses, chief of them Skye, a member of The Rising Tide, and was deposited in the data servers of S.H.I.E.L.D.. This attracted the attention of Agent Phil Coulson’s team, who sought him out in order to protect him from others who are "interested in people with powers", not knowing that his powers were not naturally born but implanted.

Under the influence of the Centipede serum’s mental instability, Mike seriously injured his old factory foreman Gary after he refused to give him his job back, before returning to visit Dr Debbie, who told him that "Mike Peterson" needs to disappear. Misinterpreting her words due to his earlier meeting with Skye (in which the young hacker offered to create a whole new identity for him), Mike took Ace to visit Skye, but ended up kidnapping her when he "rescued" her from Agent Melinda May, and forced her to make him disappear by deleting his records.

Eventually Agent Coulson tracked him down to Union Station and talked him around, knowing he was a good man at heart but out of control due to the Centipede serum. To prevent him from exploding as a side effect of the Extremis within the Serum, Agent Grant Ward shot him with a powerful dendrotoxin with the Night Night Gun, paralyzing the explosive effects of the Extremis virus long enough for his body to absorb the serum entirely, preventing future possibilities of explosion. S.H.I.E.L.D. then recruited Mike after he recovered from the incident at the Sci-Ops facility, and sent Ace into the care of Mike’s sister Mindy Peterson. Attempts were made to take the Centipede filter off Peterson’s arm, but they proved unsuccessful as it would have been fatal to him.

Peterson was undergoing training at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy two months later when Agent Coulson asked him to "suit up" and join his team on a mission. Agents Simmons and Fitz were responsible for creating a special Diagnostic Suit for Peterson. While most of the team were wary at his inclusion at first, his clear repentance and mental stability eventually won them over. He successfully turned the tide of the battle against other Centipede soldiers at the Oakland facility, though he was badly injured in the attempt.

After discovering his new allegiance to S.H.I.E.L.D., Raina kidnapped Ace in order to manipulate him into turning over Agent Coulson in a hostage exchange. While he battled over the decision to willingly hand over Coulson (an action he didn’t think he could live with) so he could save his son, he made the only choice he could and handed over Coulson who went along willingly. Peterson made a last desperate, but ultimately unsuccessful, attempt to try saving both his son and Coulson. After the exchange took place and Ace was safely in the hands of Skye, Peterson ran off to try and save Coulson but was caught in a massive explosion and presumably died.

edit] Deathlok

After being caught in an explosion while trying to saveAgent CoulsonPeterson’s battered body was retrieved byCentipede. Centipede patched him up and in the process installedEye Implanttechnology so they could control him.[1]. It is possible additional unknown technology has also been implanted as Ian Quinn said to Peterson, "Every piece of technology in you is the best money can buy."In the explosion Peterson lost his leg andIan Quinnsources an artificial leg fromCybertekthat very much resemblesTony Stark’sIron Mansuit technology. The technology is identified with a Project Deathlok tag[2], revealing that Mike Peterson is being turned into the character known as Deathlok. He is being manipulated by Centipede who continue to use his son Ace against not yet aware Peterson is still alive and in the hands of Centipede.

edit] Relationships

Mike is a single father to only son, Ace.

edit] Training and Abilities

Due to the effects of the Centipede serum, Mike had super human strength resulting in the ability to lift heavy objects, scale walls and jump from multistory buildings. However, it also necessitates him to consume much more food than usual (he has to eat four times more before using his powers, and ten times more food as well as a prolonged period of rest after using his powers).

As Deathlok, he possesses several cybernetic implants, including – but not limited to – his right leg, his right eye and his left forearm. The eye implant not only allows his handlers to control him, but also endows him with enhanced vision. The forearm implant is a weapon, which can fire explosive charges. It was disclosed there are further subcutaneous implants, which may be a form of armor.

He was being trained at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy between 1×01 Pilot and 1×10 The Bridge, likely either as a Field Agent or a Specialist Agent.

edit] Appearances

  • 1×01 Pilot
  • 1×10 The Bridge
  • 1×11 The Magical Place
  • 1×13 T.R.A.C.K.S.
  • 1×16 End of the Beginning
  • 1×20 Nothing Personal
  • 1×21 Ragtag
  • 1×22 Beginning of the End

edit] Memorable Quotes

edit] Trivia

J August Richards was the first guest cast member revealed for the series[3]. With nothing known about the character he would play, many speculated he would play Luke Cage

edit] References

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