Joss Whedon Talks about the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series

August 31, 2012 by 1 Comment

While Joss Whedon is probably the most talked about name when it comes to the newly announced S.H.I.E.L.D. television series, the fact is he may not be as involved as people might expect. Whedon’s deal with Marvel means creating the sequel to Avengers which will undoubtedly take up a large chunk of his time. It’s clear to see from a recent interview with that he is certainly eager to be a part of the TV series but is also aware that his availability may be limited. Current information suggests he will likely direct the pilot episode lend a hand to Jed Whedon & Marissa Tancharoen who will take on the role of showrunners.

It is unbelievably daunting, especially because I don’t want to lose sight of all the other things I have on my docket and in my heart. So, it’s going to be an insane few years, but I feel ready for that. It’s an unholy amount of productivity, but as long as I give it all I can, it’s a good thing. What’s great is that the deal with Marvel is nonspecific, so I will give all I can, but the moment I can’t, I just walk away. The moment I say, "You know, I’d like to help more on this project, but I need this time for The Avengers," there’s no obligation. It’s not like, "You must spend this amount of time on this movie." It’s as much as it needs to

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