Jasper Sitwell
Played By: Maximiliano Hernández
Job Title: Agent
Clearance: Level 7[1]
Special Skills: Field Agent
First Appeared: 1×07 The Hub


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edit] Character Summary

Agent Jasper Sitwell appears in "1×07 The Hub" as the escort for the team of Agent Phil Coulson. He was part of the mission control team for the south Ossetia Overkill Mission under Agent Victoria Hand, and he knew of the lack of extraction for the two-man team of Agents Grant Ward and Leo Fitz. He also chanced upon Agent Jemma Simmons at a S.H.I.E.L.D. Hub wall panel and nearly called in security when Simmons shot him at point blank range with her Night Night Pistol, tranquilizing him instantly.

He later met up in secret with Coulson subsequent to Coulson’s rescue from Project Centipede, when Coulson called in a favor from Sitwell trying to locate Director Nick Fury. Unfortunately Sitwell could only remind Coulson that Fury was a high level operative who couldn’t be found if he didn’t want to be found. He also finally asked Coulson how Tahiti was (Coulson’s alleged recovery vacation), to which Coulson, for the first time since his recovery, replied with "It sucked".

edit] Relationships

  • Phil Coulson

Sitwell shares a mutual friendship with Coulson since they first appeared together in the 0-8-4 investigation of Mjolnir in Thor, and are often seen to banter back and forth, even sharing meals in The Consultant. However, he holds his loyalty to S.H.I.E.L.D. higher than his friendship with Coulson, as he didn’t alert Coulson to the lack of extraction for his teammates, Agents Ward and Fitz who were in the south Ossetia "Overkill" mission in "1×07 The Hub".

edit] Training and Abilities

Jasper Sitwell is a field agent like Phil Coulson, which means they have similar training in combat, weapons and negotiation skills with difficult personalities.

edit] Appearances

Season 1

  • 1×07 The Hub
  • 1×15 Yes Men
  • 1×16 End of the Beginning

edit] Memorable Quotes

edit] Trivia

edit] Other Appearances

  • Thor
  • The Consultant
  • The Avengers
  • Item 47
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier

edit] References

  1. ↑ You can see Level 7 printed on Sitwell’s ID badge after he scans in at 1×07 The Hub

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