Ted is a model and prop maker living in Greece (originally from NYC), who’s been working on a 1/144 scale model of The Bus from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Here’s his account of stage one of his project.

It started out with 2 full C-17 Globemaster kit’s from Revell Germany. Once the kits were in hand, I started to modify the engines. Kit supplied were all wrong. Each of the 6 engines required 18 additional pieces of styrene to make them look right.

Compared to the kit engine on the left.

Details details…

The fun part came with the cutting up of the fuselage and the cargo area parts. It was a good thing I had 2 kits.

Modified the sponson on the right to match the other side.

Outer part of the sponson needed to match..

Forward section closed up.

Next came the rear wings… first rough cut and quick dry-fit.

After a bit of work contouring them to the aft section.

My Bus is getting fiber optic lighting, so I needed to engineer and fabricate the circuit board. I used 2 555 timer chips (one for the bright white strobe and the other for an LED dimmer for the green cockpit lights) and 4 regular LED’s. The board sits inside the cargo area and gets fed the 12v power via the landing gear. The on switch that will be on the base will be a touch sensitive S.H.I.E.L.D. logo that will also back light, similar to the logo on TV.

Some lights on…

Cockpit detailing… because I can’t just leave it alone. It needed seats removed and closets put up, not to mention some panels and throttle hump. I thought about putting in the levers, but that would have been too much and very very small.

Here she is dry-fit on a 40 cm 2 x 1cm thick black granite tile that I’m incorporating into the base.

I’m getting her ready for the first coats of primer followed by hours of sanding, scribing, primer, rinse and repeat until I can say "ready for paint". Once this one is done, I’m going to be building another 3 (as it’s shown on Coulson’s desk – in Flight) for interested 3rd parties.

Thanks for lookin…



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