Getting to Know “The Bus”

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USA Today had the opportunity to talk to Ming-Na Wen who plays Agent Melinda May about one of the most significant parts of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. set.

As seen in the following sneak peek, Agent Coulson recruits May to "drive the bus", a mobile headquarters that transports Coulson’s team to investigate cases all over the world.

From the interview we learn that the "bus" has "special capabilities" though we need to watch the series to find out what they are.

Inside the bus is certainly comfortable with a lounge area that Wen describes as "beautiful" but says there’s little time for lounging.

Behind the scenes: Inside the bus is comfortable with white leather lounges and sleeping compartments

Behind the scenes: The command center is a glassed-in area lit by monitors and computer screens

The USA today article goes on to describe "the bus" further mentioning the way it is decorated says a lot about Agent Coulson:

Near the command center, a circular staircase leads up to Agent Coulson’s office, a sky-lighted aerie and virtual museum. It contains a mix of new and old, including a model of the plane, a S.H.I.E.L.D. badge, a needle gun, a wireless radio, a telescope, binoculars, pilot goggles and a compass.

The bottom floor of the team’s plane houses a science lab filled with microscopes, flasks and test-tube samples, along with vehicles, including Coulson’s beloved red Corvette.

Back on the middle level, Wen shows off the white-and-silver kitchen ("I would love it if May did some cooking.") An eating area nearby is flanked by five narrow sleeping modules, each with a wall monitor and one-way mirrored glass. "I absolutely love the beds. Isn’t it cozy? It’s like the womb, right?" she says.

Visit the USA Today website for more (WARNING: link contains spoilers)

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