Iain De Caestecker signing autographs at New York Comic Con

UK news site Daily Record has posted an interview with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actor Iain De Caesteker. If you’ve been wanting to get to know the man behind Agent Fitz this is a great read. See below for the full link.

“I still definitely don’t get recognised much,” said Iain.

“But it’s nice when people come up to you and show you that they’ve understood what you’re trying to do.”

When studying drama at Langside College in Glasgow, Iain would turn up an hour early for acting classes.

He’d stay an hour late, too, making costumes and working on scripts with his mates.

He’d often mess about with a video camera, making films with his brother at their home in Glasgow’s west end. You might say his homework has paid off.

“I had two really good pals at college and we’d devise our own plays,” he said.

“We would come in early and stay late because we enjoyed it so much and that’s something that’s definitely still there, that work ethic.

“We’d make our own costumes for shows. These things should stay with you. Being from Scotland, and especially Glasgow, gives you a certain attitude that you take into the world with you.

“It’s hard to sum it up. But I suppose it’s basically that you can’t change too much and then expect to be accepted when you come back. There’s a certain expectation that you’ll generally stay true to yourself.

“But it’s also about looking out for other people and being more of a team player than just looking out for yourself when it comes to being on set.

“Scotland is a very proud place but there’s definitely a humble side to the people, too.”


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