Felix Blake
Played By: Titus Welliver
Job Title: Agent
Clearance: Level 7[1]
Special Skills:
First Appeared: 1×06 F.Z.Z.T.


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edit] Character Summary

Felix Blake first appeared in 1×06 F.Z.Z.T., where he was stationed at the The Sandbox. He conducted a short video call to Phil Coulson on board The Bus, the first time the two agents have spoken since the Battle of New York, to relay orders from S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ for Coulson’s team to dump the "infected cargo", to wit, Agent Jemma Simmons. Refusing to accept the order, Coulson faked a bad connection and terminated the call. Agent Blake then tried repeatedly to reconnect to Coulson, even going so far as to order Agent May to put Agent Ward through to him if Coulson still refused to answer. Upon arrival at the Sandbox, Blake gave Coulson a dressing down and an implied threat that the higher-ups might dismantle his team if Coulson continue to disobey S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ orders, to which Coulson challenged that he’d "like to see them try". In turn, Blake deliberately ran his fingers across Lola, Coulson’s modified red Corvette, as he left, knowing Coulson’s dislike of someone else touching his beloved car.

Blake’s next appearance was in 1×16 End of the Beginning where he joined Coulson and his team along with Agents Sitwell, Hand and Garrett and Triplett on a mission to find The Clairvoyant. While Agent May and Blake were at an assisted living facility called Tranquility Bridge looking into the possibly of patient Thomas Nash being the Clairvoyant, Blake was attacked by Deathlok and while he survived the brutal attack he was left in critical condition.

edit] Relationships

  • Phil Coulson

Blake and Coulson have an utterly professional relationship. The two men are never depicted to get along particularly well, as Coulson often did things in a different way than Blake’s entirely by-the-book approach. When Coulson’s authority subversion became more and more apparent after his death and recovery from the Battle of New York, it led Blake to comment that this isn’t "the Coulson I used to know", to which Coulson answered "get used to it".

edit] Training and Abilities

edit] Appearances

  • 1×06 F.Z.Z.T.
  • 1×16 End of the Beginning

edit] Memorable Quotes

1×06 F.Z.Z.T.

  • Felix Blake: Coulson. Nice to see that you’re not dead.

edit] Trivia

  • He acquired an assistant/protegee in Item 47 named Claire Wise.

edit] Other Appearances

First appeared in the Marvel One-Shot Item 47

edit] References

  1. ↑ In 1×06 F.Z.Z.T. when talking about Coulson’s death he says "I don’t know if that’s just something they tell us when we get to Level 7…"

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