This week in the TVfanatic round table discussion we talk about episode 4 “Eye-Spy” and discuss favorite scenes from the episode, second chances and just how much does Agent Melinda May know about Coulson’s “death”.

Is Melinda intentionally covering detectable changes in Coulson since he was in “Tahiti”?

Kate: I don’t know if she is intentionally covering them but I am really curious. It made me think of Maria Hills quote from the Pilot, “He doesn’t know” – What did they do to Coulson? Was Tahiti an illusion, memory implants? I’m really hanging on to this, I don’t want to know what happened but I need to know.

Christine: I don’t know if she’s covering them up or simply noticing them herself. And when will we find out what happened to the poor guy. Brain implant, memory wipe, is he a clone of his original self. They’ve got me really curious.

Ellyssa: Melinda clearly doesn’t know what has happened to Coulson since he “died,” but there’s no way she’s going to leave it now she knows something is going on. She will dig for the truth and when she finds it, I think she’ll do whatever it takes to protect Coulson from whatever consequences there may be and we can assume from Hill’s “He can never know” that there will be consequences when he finds out.

Craig: It appears so. The more important question, I think, is why? Professional respect? Friendship? Or did Nick Fury or Maria Hill tell her to keep tabs on him.

Jim: Didn’t she mumble something about him dying last week? For me, that means she knows the truth and is either covering it up or denying it. Either way she has to have seen the differences that Amador saw.

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