May 18, 2016 – 12:00 am

Which of the cast did you think would die at one point or another? Yoyo. She’s the one we met last and have the least reason to care about. Lincoln had worn the red shirt too many times for him to be on top of my list but he was in my top 3.

What did you think of Hive’s full face reveal? I loved it! You can tell he’s a first generation Inhuman because of how alien he looks. Extreme transformations still happen but seem to be rare these days. Lash and Raina were both troubled and their inner demons manifested themselves in their abilities and new appearances.

How anxious are you for season 4 to begin in September? I’ll live through the summer. I’m going to watch as much of Stargate SG-1 as I can stand and if I finish it I’ll start in on Atlantis. I miss those shows and in some ways I’m too close to Buffy, Angel, or Charmed to make a rewatch worthwhile at this point in time.

What do you think of “Quake”s new abilities? She doesn’t have any new abilities. Skye just never applied herself to learning to use her abilities in new and creative ways. If you look closely at her fight with Hive you see the beginnings of adeptness at using her powers in her fighting style but she’s still a novice at this point. She needs a teacher who has powers to show her how to use them wisely and efficiently in combat.

Did you catch Coulson’s “tell the Director”? Civil War spoilers ahead

Reveal Spoiler

Of course! My official opinion on this is that the full implications of the Sokovia Accords have been applied to Shield. Inhumans, be they agents or civilians, are being asked to register or not use their abilities to fight crime. Coulson took Iron Man’s stance on things and willing chooses to go along with registration, so he can be a part of the system from the beginning, while Skye took Captain America’s stance and refused to register. As we saw in Civil War, Nick Fury was not allowed to “control” the Avengers this time. Instead we had General Ross and the UN. I suspect that Coulson was not talking about the director of Shield but the director of some sort of Inhuman registration initiative. Hive and the massive panic surrounding Terrigenesis taking place worldwide has made the average person fear for their lives. I suspect next season will involve a lot of saving face, saving Inhumans, and ultimately bringing Skye back into the fold.

Dr. Evil and his lady cyborg was really creepy at the end. Transhumanism is an interesting topic but not one I feel AoS can cover without being campy or anti-intellectual. We’ll see in the fall.

I have a lot to say regarding season 3 and will be making a mega post some time soon. After I watch these two episodes again I will have more to say. Literally too much happened and I need to digest it first.

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