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So, that was fun! I watched last week’s episode way behind, but I’m only a day or two late on this one, which was nice, because it meant not too much of a wait with that cliffhanger!

First, Will and ‘Death’ and Ward and possession. I’m pretty sure the show has made it clear that ‘Death’ possesses corpses and reanimates their bodies to survive. So, not, like E said, a non-corporeal form – just using all the dead people through the years. It took Will’s body after he died, and apparently… went to sleep in his uncomfortable camp bed? Sure, why not. That seems like a worthy use of time for a centuries-old god-like alien being.

It was very obvious from the start that Will was not Will, and I feel like all the little hints – not needing eye-protection in the sandstorm, showing no sign of pain in his leg while rolling around and killing people, etc etc – were not absolutely necessary. It wasn’t a long enough build-up to turn it into a sort of ‘fridge horror’ situation, and it was way too obvious to make the reveal at the end surprising. I do, though, feel like saying I told you so to everyone who thought the original Will was evil. He was so not evil! He was like the anti-Ward. He was adorable, and hot, and not evil. Man. I’m so sad he died. On the plus side, Joey’s on the team! Go Joey.

As soon as it was obvious that Will was the evil ‘Death’, it was obvious that Ward would subsequently become it. Coulson would kill him, Ward would be possessed, and come back through the portal. So the lack of suspense there made me a bit frustrated during all the ‘will he won’t he’ Coulson stuff. Obviously, he was going to kill Ward. Equally obviously, he wasn’t going to do it minutes earlier, when it made way more sense – he would wait until the last second and leave Ward’s easily possessable body by the portal. Sigh. Also, crushing someone’s chest with your mechanical hand is a poor choice of death. Like, how fast do you even die from that? Isn’t it better to crush his head or something? Or his throat? – not to mention crushing his head would have made it WAY easier to identify new Zombie!Ward.

weapon_hunter said

I agree to the theory that It possess the body of someone that just died. And It doesn’t feel the body’s condition, like pain in Will’s leg or Garret’s chest crushed, but It canoot control the body as if it had full potential, because the body is still broken.

But then, I have some questions: how did Will really die, shouldn’t his body have some mark? Or even decomposition marks as a zombie, after years. Why did It “helped” Simmons, was it really trying to have a baby to possess it? And all of this content would be more logical if It was only alien, but It is or was an inhuman, so how does this play? The inhuman lost its human body and now is more like a soul?

From the look of his leg, I’d say Will died from some form of gangrene or blood loss and was subsequently possessed. He died only when Simmons left – so the Will that Simmons was with was a real human. Otherwise I am 100% positive she would have noticed that he was a corpse. I mean, for a start, corpses aren’t able to actively participate in sex. Also, bits of them fall off. And he had a bone showing through his leg. I assume that decomposition continues when they’re possessed by the creature, which explains Fitz’s comment about the smell, but decomp was slow as Will had only been dead a short time on a dry, cold planet. 

Agent K80 said

katrina said

I just rewatched the episode and have one additional comment and one additional question. Why did Coulson leave his hand behind on the planet? The ending music, starting when Ward is killed, was absolutely gorgeous. Whoever does the music composition for this show is a pure creative genius.

Either he didnt want to bring back something that reminded him of what he did, or it had gotten damaged in the exertion and he needed to replace it again.. or maybe he thought the evidence will be buried with Ward in the desolate planet

I assumed that Coulson left his hand behind as some sort of “don’t need it anymore/don’t want to be reminded” type thing, which is stupid, because goddamn, Coulson, SHIELD’s funding does not exist solely to keep building you robot hands! Geez.

Katrina, the composer for the show is Bear McCreary, who is very cool, and not just because his name is Bear. LOL. Bear. That’s such a badass name. Bear Wolfe should be a person too. He would be the ultimate badass dude and he would rule the world. The SHIELD music has been so, so great right from the start, and there is a soundtrack on iTunes, actually, which I will shamelessly plug because not enough TV shows get soundtracks. And they all should.

weapon_hunter said

Erynus said  

I think that Maveth had possesed Coulson too. That look at the end don’t means anything good.

I rewatched the episode and looked closely to the scenes were Will “dies” and when Ward appears in the end.

There is clearly a kind of goo coming out of Will and then there is something like a “worm” moving inside Ward’s head, close to his eye. With this I guess there’s no way for It to possess someone through telekinesis or something. I guess Coulson’s look to Fitz was just to show how both were terrified and exhausted of everything that just happened.

The ‘worm’ moving in Ward’s head looked like pretty straight-forward physical possession to me. Also, I suspect that if Maveth had the power to posess people over distances – and multiple people at once – he would have taken Simmons and Will, I think. And if he has a non-corporeal form, then all his parading around as spacemen and black-caped dudes and Will was totally pointless. He could have just flown through the air and possessed Fitz or Ward to lead the way or something.

But, with this in mind, I want to know how the hell Ward got out of the freaking portal! Let alone the collapsing building. The entire final minutes of that episode were one huge deus ex machina. All we saw was Skye passing out, time running out, and Fitz and Coulson moving veeeeeeery slooooooowly towards the portal. How are we expected to believe that Skye woke up and held open the portal without passing out again, Fitz and Coulson made it through in time, and ALL FOUR of them (with one presumably incapacitated from intense nosebleeds and one of them missing a hand) running the gauntlet of dozens of Hydra men outside the doors to get to the flying medical pod and punch it through the roof of the STONE CASTLE to get to the plane? In like, the five seconds they had before May pressed the detonate button? What the actual hell? I don’t mind lucky escapes, but that was just completely ridiculous. And then, somehow, presumably with Skye still holding open the portal, meaning the SHIELD agents were in the room, Zombie!Ward also dragged his body, now with zero functional ribs and a probable cracked spine (like, paralysis? can god-death-aliens repair spinal cords?) down the hill to the portal in a split-second (he sure runs quick for a dead guy) through the portal without being spotted by the SHIELD agents who were still in that room, and out of the castle as it collapsed around him, only to speed his way (like, he has superspeed, maybe?) to a road very far away, to intercept a man in a car he knew nothing about. Just… what? How? WHY?

Speaking of the magical powers of Grant Ward, why do bullets not hurt him? I get that TV shows seem to think that getting shot in the shoulder is completely harmless (it’s not, but whatever) but seriously, he didn’t even flinch. That was a powerful shot to the shoulder at very close range. Regardless of whether or not he feels emotion about bullets (he feels no emotion, because he is now 60% bullet) the force of that shot would have spun him around and sent him to the ground. Just standing there, without a flicker of movement, and starting to drip a teeny tiny bit of blood, is patently ridiculous. He then later used that arm to its full abilities while tackling Coulson, which, again, regardless of his attitude towards pain, should not be possible, given he has severe damage to muscles/ligaments/nerves and probably still has a bullet lodged in there impacting his movement. What is his superpower???

I’m not sure how I feel about Ward’s fate. On the one hand, he died. On the other hand, it was gruesome. On my mutant third hand, he’s still around, albeit in an even more creepy way. Will he continue to be annoying? Time will tell. But I’m pretty excited about the new direction they’re taking Zombie!Ward.

I sincerely apologise for the length of this post btw. Hi, if you’ve stuck it out this far. You must be cool. We should hang sometime.

Oh, and finally, although I loved the music at the end, I have to say that Skye and Lincoln kissing in slow-mo while triumphant music played was one of the silliest things ever. Like, it was so silly. They’re so apathetic about each other all the time but one near death experience and they make out like crazy, even though what they should probably be doing is investigating whether Skye’s nosebleeds and fainting are caused by injury to her brain, and if there’s something they can do about that. Like give her brain an icepack or something.

Also Coulson’s weird dream of Rosalind’s pillow talk was weird. And he’s really emotional about her given they only knew each other for a couple of months. I’m genuinely preferring Director Mack after this episode. He just sort of stands there with a stoic expression and a tank-like torso, getting stuff done without any whiny nonsense. He was very impressive all episode long. So were Bobbi and Hunter. AND JOEY, who is just SO cool. SO cool.

I’m an inappropriate Australian – a country where swears are terms of endearment – so let me know if anything I say or do offends you and I’ll fix that up.

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