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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 1 DiscussionAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 1 DiscussionSub ForumsEp 22Last Post Agent Sullivan

Ep 22 Post Episode Review/Discussion

3 months agoTopics 4Posts 258Ep 17Last Post Agent Fisher

Ask few a question to Agents Phil Coulson

7 months agoTopics 3Posts 173Ep 18Last Post Agent Sullivan

Episode 18 Post Episode Review/Discussion

4 months agoTopics 2Posts 236Ep:14Episode 1:14 – TAHITILast Post AgentSkyeWard084

Episode 14 Post Episode Review/Discussion

7 months agoTopics 2Posts 170Ep 15Episode 1:15 – Yes MenLast Post Agent Sullivan

Episode 15 Post Episode Review/Discussion

4 months agoTopics 2Posts 147Ep 1Episode 1:01 – The PilotLast Post Erynus

Season 1 Episode 1 and ask a few question to Director E

7 months agoTopics 16Posts 133Ep 2Episode 1:02 – 0-8-4Last Post Director E

Episode 2 Post Episode Review/Discussion

3 months agoTopics 5Posts 64Ep 3Episode 1:03 – The AssetLast Post Big Brother

Episode 3 Post Episode Review/Discussion

1 year agoTopics 4Posts 55Ep 4Episode 1:04 – Eye-SpyLast Post Agent.Natalia.Romanoff.112

Episode 3. End

8 months agoTopics 7Posts 65Ep 5Episode 1:05 – The Girl in the Flower DressLast Post Agent Dave

Episode 5 Post Episode Review/Discussion

3 months agoTopics 7Posts 84Ep 6Episode 1:06 – F.Z.Z.T.Last Post Erynus

Episode 6 Post Episode Review/Discussion

11 months agoTopics 6Posts 93Ep 8Episode 1:08 – The WellLast Post Agent Zaffie

Episode 8 Post Episode Review/Discussion

12 months agoTopics 6Posts 93Ep 9Episode 1:09 RepairsLast Post Agent Aisling Ngaio

M.A.O.S. Declassified Episode 10

11 months agoTopics 6Posts 63Ep 10Episode 1:10 – The BridgeLast Post HaloHawk87

Episode 10 Post Episode Review/Discussion

11 months agoTopics 7Posts 67Ep 11Episode 1:11 – The Magical PlaceLast Post Agent K80

Episode 11 Post Episode Review/Discussion

7 months agoTopics 6Posts 185Ep 12Episode 1:12 – SeedsLast Post Agent Asteria

Episode 12 Post Episode Review/Discussion

8 months agoTopics 3Posts 56Ep 13Episode 1:13 – T.R.A.C.K.S.Last Post Rose

Episode 13 Post Episode Review/Discussion

9 months agoTopics 3Posts 175Ep 7Episode 1:07 – The HubLast Post Agent Creed

Doctor Who on the Bus

11 months agoTopics 3Posts 56Ep 21Last Post Director E

Episode 1:21 Post Episode Review/Discussion

6 months agoTopics 2Posts 107Ep 20Last Post Agent Shibs

Episode 20: Post Episode Review/Discussion

6 months agoTopics 2Posts 145Ep 19Last Post Agent Shibs

Episode 19 Post Episode Review/Discussion

6 months agoTopics 2Posts 153Ep 16Last Post Agent K80

Episode 16 Post Episode Review/Discussion

7 months agoTopics 2Posts 92 Add TopicPage: Forum RSSAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 1 DiscussionAnything about the episodes that doesn’t fit into a specific episode – use spoiler tags if referring to unaired episodesWard DiscussionLast Post


1 week agoFirst Post


6 months agoPosts 4Views 1089Skye’s Parents?Last Post


2 months agoFirst Post

Agent Zaffie

1 year agoPosts 47Views 9664Who is Skye?Last Post


2 months agoFirst Post

Agent Firefly Coulson

9 months agoPosts 87Views 15848Agents of Shield Video to Kenny Loggins Danger ZoneLast Post

Agent K80

4 months agoFirst Post


5 months agoPosts 4Views 931Agents of SHIELD – Lego SetLast Post


5 months agoFirst Post

Agent K80

5 months agoPosts 4Views 1744POLL: What DVD Extras Do You Want?Last Post

Director E

6 months agoFirst Post

Director E

1 year agoPosts 27Views 9367SHIELD Bases – before and after HydraLast Post

Agent K80

6 months agoFirst Post


7 months agoPosts 35Views 116577General AoS Squee PostLast Post


6 months agoFirst Post

Agent Soraya

7 months agoPosts 5Views 1033Does anyone know when a certain major player will appear.Last Post


7 months agoFirst Post


8 months agoPosts 9Views 1144Agents of SHIELD, Season 1 PlaylistLast Post


7 months agoFirst Post


7 months agoPosts 3Views 345707Theories about the ClairvoyantLast Post

Agent K80

7 months agoFirst Post

Agent T

9 months agoPosts 82Views 17425ScifiNow Magazine (old news, still neat)Last Post

Director E

8 months agoFirst Post


8 months agoPosts 2Views 215834 Add TopicPage:

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