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Video: Chloe Bennet on Jimmy Kimmel Live

If you didn't catch it last night you missed a delightful interview with Chloe Bennet on Jimmy Kimmel Live. You can watch that interview below and find out how she almost "called her mother a slut".


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  1. I really love the show, MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELD.. and Chloe I think ‘Skye’ is by far my favorite character. Skye’s a bit similar to me in person! ;) x

  2. I really Really LOVE the show! MAOS for sure! And Skye (Chloe Bennet) is by far my favorite character! it’s a lot similar to me as the character and in real life :) Love her

  3. It was an awesome taping and Chloe is SWEET CRAZY FUNNY!!!!

  4. guiguillou says:

    i can’t see it… :( someone could help me? please…

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