• monkeyman says

      well of course. VH goes by the book. She’s the trust the system or get out archtype. She already said in the promo looking for Coulson is pointless. Let it go and have SHIELD handle the situation, not your personal team. It’s this one team vs SHIELD itself just like Captain America vs SHIELD in Winter Soldier. Something is wrong with SHIELD and I bet later on it will have to do with the return of HYDRA – Baron in Age of Ultron…..

  1. SkyeWardWillHappen says

    Awesome clip – at first I was super pissed at May and Victoria Hand, then I realised why May did it. Obviously Skye will be way more useful off the bus, where she can find Coulson under the radar and stuff 😛 Gahh when will January 10th be here!!!

  2. gerrym51 says

    Exactly. I think Shield has no idea how Coulson came back. I do think it has to do with tessaract energy in the spear. This energy is what keeps the clairvoyant from zeroing in on Coulson and also why being close to Coulson negates the destructive effects on the super soldier(i can’t remember name at moment) but he was close to Coulson at train station and warehouse. It was not the night night gun.

    Nick Fury gave Coulson the plane so he would be out of direct contact with the bad higher up mucky-mucks.

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