Spoilers: Behind the Scenes with LA Times Hero Complex

67-Screen_Shot_2013-09-13_at_3.52.42_PMThe Los Angeles Times Hero Complex has compiled an extensive report straight from behind the scenes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The article does contain a few plot details about upcoming episodes, so unspoiled readers beware.

In the piece, executive producer Jeph Loeb reinforces the importance of the series’ signature tagline.

“We hope that our audience understands that our ad line is our description, which is, ‘Not all heroes are super,’” said Marvel’s head of television, Jeph Loeb. “We’re not going to have 30 Iron Men show up. The idea of this is not that it’s a genre show but an hour of compelling television.”

Clark Gregg also gives a little insight on the appeal of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at large.


“I like the darkness of a ‘Dark Knight’ every once in a while, but there’s something about the way [Marvel movies don’t] take themselves too seriously, it really allows you to take bigger risks,” Gregg said. “You can have someone drive some crazy winged contraption as long as someone’s there [to say], ‘Are you seriously going to wear that outfit? You’re not going out in that.’”

You can find the full article and photo set over on the LA Times and for even more behind the scenes pictures, check out their ‘Hollywood Backlot’ gallery.


Source: herocomplex.latimes.com


  1. draylone weathersby says

    This is something i can check out with my son .just do not go smallvill i did not like it and my 10 year old son can’t stop talking about your show and who do i think you guys will have on it

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