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Spoiler: Character Coming to S.H.I.E.L.D.

A handful of diehard comics fans have been crying out for more appearances of known characters from the Marvel comics universe and it looks like their wish will be granted in an upcoming episode.

Donald_GillMarvel announced details today for the 12th episode of the series “Seeds” which airs on January 14th. Alongside the return of Ian Quinn from the episode “The Asset” is Donnie Gill a known villain of the comics world who had connections with Justin Hammer (Iron Man 2). The character is known for his use of a Blizard suit, a suit that could generate intense cold which was modeled after the suit used by Jack Frost, an enemy of Iron Man.  Gill will be played by Dylan Minnette.

The episode is written by  Monica Owusu-Breen and Jed Whedon and directed by Ken Fink (Revenge, Nikita) and guest stars the following:

  • David Conrad – Ian Quinn
  • Dylan Minnette – Donnie Gill
  • Christine Adams – Agent Anne Weaver
  • Daniel Zovatto – Seth Dormer
  • Boyd Kestner – Richard Lumley
  • Zachary Burr Abel – Tad
  • Maiara Walsh – Callie Hannigan

Agents of SHIELD The Asset (147)

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  1. Given the age of Dylan Minnette I’m wondering if this is an origin story. What do others think?

  2. “Tad Carter was a mutant who was contacted by Tobias Messenger to join his group, The Promise.” Is this the Tad they are talking about.

    so Blizzard here is just for a back story like Dr. Hall. I believe later on he will get the suit just like Dr. Hall will break free then the big fight happens.

  3. Donnie Gill is Blizzard in the comics, that’s who they are talking about.

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