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Podcast Appearences- Jaimie Alexander, Clark Gregg

Jaimie Alexander - Lady SifJaimie Alexander, who will be making her guest appearance as Lady Sif on March 11th, stopped by the Nerdist podcast for a lengthy NSFW chat about growing up in Texas, woman’s body image and health, visiting children hospitals and her expansive knife collection.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is mentioned at the start of the podcast with some kind words for Clark Gregg mixed in and throughout the conversation Jaimie gives some juicy inside info on the making of Thor.

Clark Gregg FacebookOver on another Nerdist Industries podcast, Clark Gregg will be a guest on the Nerdist Writer’s Panel this Sunday, March 9th at 5pm at Meltdown Comics in LA.

Gregg will be sharing the stage with host Ben Blacker (Co-creator Thrilling Adventure Hour) and fellow guest Dan Bucatinsky (Web Therapy, Scandal). Clark Gregg has previously worked with Blacker on multiple Thrilling Adventure Hour performances and has also previously guested on the main Nerdist podcast.

Tickets to this show can be purchased HERE and the free podcast version will be available later on

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