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New Teaser Image for Episode 11

Marvel released a new teaser image for the next episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. coming in early January. The 11th episode of the series, coincidentally titled 'The Magical Place', promises to give fans a few eagerly awaited answers regarding Agent Coulson's mysterious resurrection and recovery.



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Page is a freelance comic book artist. She can be found on Twitter at @page_branson and on Tumblr. When not making comics, Page is the Co-Host of the Level 7 Access Podcast.


  1. Tahiti = Savage Land. THAT’S RIGHT I FIGURED IT OUT

  2. Really sorry but that image is doing nothing for me. :( I need a promo video XD

  3. Tahiti means little island . Thats all I got from this picture

  4. Agent Zaffie says:

    Um, yeah, I also got nothing. Unless it’s the volcano in the background? ZOMG VOLCANO. But apart from that… zip.

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