A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Chat

We set up a live chat room here on shieldtv.net a few weeks ago anticipating people would be looking for an outlet once the news of the S.H.I.E.L.D. pickup was made official.

Last night, after news was leaked of a promo to be aired on Sunday night we had a few people in the chat room and here's what happened.

13:37: Director E - Did Clark Gregg just RT himself?

13:38: Director E - Ahh, i see what happened, he was trying to correct a typo in one of the twitter names

13:39: Director E - Now there's someone that would be awesome to have drop by chat... don't ya think?

13:39: Agent Nyoshi - wow, yes

13:41: Crossbones - Isn't Agent Coulson a reserved username? You should try to give it to him lol

13:41: Crossbones - Even if he were to never post, it would just be neat to have him here as coulson lol

13:42: Guest1368157313 - This is Coulson

13:42: Guest1368157313 - I mean Clark

13:42: Guest1368157313 - Thanks for the support.

13:42: Guest1368157313 - I know. proof.

13:42: Crossbones - no one knows what to say

13:42: Crossbones - lol

13:43: Crossbones - seems like the real deal

13:43: Crossbones - you never know but i'll you the benefit of the doubt

13:43: Guest1368157313 - Looking for a dumb enough picture of myself that you'll know I'm for real

13:43: Agent Nyoshi - What. Is. Happening.

13:43: Crossbones - Lol

13:44: Agent Nyoshi - And if anyone read that in Jason Manzukis' voice, I'd be happy lol

13:44: Crossbones - if you have a pen and paper you could write down "Hey : shieldtv.net" or something, that would be more than enough proof lmao

13:44: Guest1368157313 - Could not a post a photo

13:44: Crossbones - I believe you

13:45: Crossbones -

13:45: Agent Nyoshi - and i just saw you on twitter

13:45: Director E - sorry I had to run off with a minor emergency

13:45: Crossbones - LOL

13:45: Guest1368157313 - Just tweeted it.

13:45: Agent Nyoshi - holy tap dancing shit cakes, sir, thanks for stopping by

13:46: Director E - If you're really Clark please DM SHIELDTV so I know

13:46: Agent Snark - Wow!

13:46: Crossbones - Thats awesome

13:46: Crossbones - I didn't doubt you for a second

13:46: Director E - not that we don't want to not believe you

13:46: Guest1368157313 - Expectations are high. Should have good news in the am.

13:46: Agent Nyoshi - great to hear.. er, read

13:46: Agent Snark - We're all really excited

13:46: Director E - Wow! Thanks Clark.. you must have heard us saying how cool it would be

13:47: Director E - and here you are coming into my chat room and I'm in the process of running off to another room choking to death for a completely unrelated reason

13:47: Guest1368157313 - I suspect Hydra

13:47: Guest1368157592 - Cheers for coming in, Clark!

13:47: Agent Nyoshi - hee hee

13:47: Guest1368150212 - I just saw Levar Burton on Colbert Report, and now Clark Gregg is talking to me online, I think I died when they took my blood this morning.

13:47: Agent Snark - It's always HYDRA, isn't it.

13:47: Guest1368157599 -

13:47: Director E - What a time to start choking to death LOL yay me

13:48: Director E - (it was a bit of apple in stuck in my throat)

13:48: Director E - but i'm all good now

13:48: Crossbones - would there be a way to let clark take the reserved username?

13:48: Guest1368157313 - Ok, Snow White...

13:48: Crossbones - for agent coulson?

13:48: Director E - We are SO excited for shield Clark. As you know because youv'e been following us for a while, we've been working hard here on this site for a while now

13:48: Crossbones - because i cant think of anyone else more worthy on ti lol

13:48: dizmo - My ability to can has... gone very far away.

13:48: Agent Nyoshi - LOL

13:49: Agent Honey - LOL, diz

13:49: Guest1368157592 - Everyone is excited. I screamed so loud at El Capitan when you came out.

13:49: Agent Nyoshi - i was hoping you'd show up

13:49: Guest1368157313 - I'm still not sure how people are going to handle Phil as a zombie

13:49: Guest1368157710 - Hello everyone! Is Agents of SHIELD officially picked up?

13:49: Crossbones - Wow look at all the guests

13:49: dizmo - Are you kidding? That's cosplay CENTRAL.

13:49: Agent Nyoshi - grrr... argh... brains...

13:49: Guest1368157626 - I think they should give Coulson some powers

13:49: dizmo - Zombie Coulson EVERYWHERE.

13:49: Guest1368157711 - I guess we figured out how to get people in the chatroom

13:49: Guest1368150212 - That's after the shotgun Dizmo

13:49: Agent Honey - Coulson already HAS powers

13:49: Agent Nyoshi - yeah, this is one way, jesus...

13:50: Guest1368157313 - I mean when they see me eating Hydra brains...

13:50: Guest1368157710 - thanks a lot...

13:50: Guest1368157592 - Speaking of brains, does anyone in here watch Hannibal? lol

13:50: dizmo - Best way to get rid of Hydra...

13:50: Guest1368157626 - What power would you want if you could give Coulson one?

13:50: Agent Snark - If you ever want to test your site traffic capabilities, just have Clark Gregg stop by.

13:50: Agent Snark - Failproof solution.

13:50: Director E - For those coming in .. guest 313 is Clark "Agent Coulson" Gregg

13:50: Agent Nyoshi - i mean, no one likes those guys, so it would be just fine if you nommed on them

13:50: Guest1368157313 - nommed is funny

13:50: Crossbones - when I registered about an hour ago there were 2 people on chat

13:50: Guest1368157710 - WHERE IS CLARK GREGG???

13:50: fueledbystefo - Is Clark still hanging around?

13:50: Crossbones - Now theres 35

13:51: Guest1368157596 - (and the rest of us are random fen who saw his tweet and popped over)

13:51: Guest1368157313 - Why can't I post a pic?

13:51: Agent Snark - No, he's actually a Skrull of Clark Gregg. Kidding, kidding.

13:51: Agent Honey - Its complicated

13:51: Director E - Well, now thanks to Clark's visit you've all found the best S.H.I.E.L.D. site on the web not that I'm biased or anything

13:51: Agent Nyoshi - you might have to be registered?

13:51: Agent Nyoshi - help the good man!

13:51: dizmo - He's a Clark LMD.

13:51: Director E - This chat system has limited resources, the people with avatars are signed up with gravatar so it picks them up automatically

13:52: Director E - it's one of the things the software developers are working on fixing

13:52: Guest1368157721 - I had no idea S.H.I.E.L.D. even had a chat room. This is amazing.

13:52: Director E - but if you register : http://shieldtv.net/wp-login.php?action=register you can at least use your name

13:52: Crossbones - director E, you should send clark a private message on twitter with the Agent Coulson account or something

13:52: Guest1368157721 - And to answer an earlier question about zombies, I don't personally watch Hannibal, but someone told me they watched an episode and can no longer eat mushrooms... ???

13:53: Crossbones - I dont know how the reserved username thing works though

13:53: Agent L - one day, the forums won't log me out and then say "Agent L, log in to resume". today is not that day

13:54: fueledbystefo - Is anyone else as excited as I am to see Clark Gregg in Much Ado About Nothing? :DDD

13:54: Agent Truxi - So this is where we will squee and obsess over SHIELD in the near future (or now)? Nice digs.

13:54: Director E - I've seen clips from Much Ado (at Wondercon) and I'm very excited

13:54: Guest1368157994 - ooooh

13:54: Director E - absolutely Truxi

13:54: Agent Truxi - Oh yeah. Shakespeare nerd.

13:54: Agent Snark - Can't wait for that movie to hit Chicago, along with Trust Me.

13:54: Agent Nyoshi - Welcome to all the new people!

13:54: Agent Honey - Much Ado > Man of Steel

13:54: Guest1368157596 - Was excited about Much Ado before I knew he was in it. Through the roof now.

13:54: hisnameisagent - testing

13:54: dizmo - How am I going to last all summer?

13:54: hisnameisagent - ah, now I have a a name.

13:55: fueledbystefo - I'm psyched to see Whedon go Shakespeare

13:55: Agent Nyoshi - HA, nice

13:55: dizmo - Best name!

13:55: Guest1368157596 - (the perfect name!)

13:55: Guest1368150212 - That's a great name

13:55: Agent Snark - Yesssss.

13:55: Agent L - movies, dizmo. movies and lots of rocking back and forth

13:55: Guest1368157994 - Beautiful

13:55: AgentKlash - Wonderful.

13:55: dizmo - So much rocking back and forth.

13:55: AgentKlash - Aw, how come my avatar isn't showing up?

13:55: Agent Truxi - Whedon-Shakespeare is pretty groovy. How much fun would that be, to just get some friends and pass out scripts for the heck of it?

13:55: dizmo - It's showing up for me, Klash.

13:55: AgentKlash - oh good.

13:55: Director E - Avatars are currently only working for people using gravatar, we're working on fixing that, sorry

13:55: AgentKlash - it' not forme

13:56: AgentKlash - apparently my space bar doesn't want to work

13:56: Guest1368157596 - (I see it too, Klash)

13:56: fueledbystefo - I love that much ado was just like a big fun project with a group of really talented friends

13:56: Agent L - Hey, E, you took on the 'Director' idea. Nice!

13:56: Agent Truxi - So...was anyone here a part of the Coulson Lives project?

13:56: Agent Honey - Of course!

13:56: Director E - Yeah, I did L.. there were too many Agent "initials" that I figured I needed to differentiate myself a little

13:56: Guest1368158169 - I have Coulson Lives on my Car :3

13:57: Agent L - I was, Truxi. and have a wristband

13:57: Agent L - aye aye, Director

13:57: dizmo - I have Coulson Lives pins.

13:57: Agent Honey - Me too, 169

13:57: Guest1368158051 - What's Clark username? I just want to say that I'm a huge huge fan and thank him for his wonderful part in the MCU. I can't wait to see what he's going to do in SHIELD and I also want to say that he is truly adored in Brazil, where I live, more adored than even some superheroes, haha. Best wishes, @juniorwho.

13:57: Guest1368158169 - I made a Vinyl Sticker, and put it on there. And a Bracelet

13:57: Agent Truxi - (Oh, I thought "Director E" was a pun)

13:57: hisnameisagent - If the show gets picked up tomorrow, I am going to have to get a SHIELD logo tattoo

13:57: dizmo - (It helps that I'm friends with the people behind the CoulsonLives twitter...)

13:57: AgentKlash - I just changed my avatar, hope it shows up

13:57: Guest1368158169 - I have the SHIELD logo as a Tattoo :3

13:57: Director E - We have what.. about 9 hours to go now till we get the offiical S.H.I.E.L.D. word

13:57: Guest1368158169 - And a Hawkeye Tattoo on the other side XD

13:57: Agent Snark - Do you have to clear that with the wife first or...?

13:57: Guest1368157994 - I plan on one as part of a sleeve

13:57: dizmo - That is too many hours.

13:57: Agent Nyoshi - That's actually what I plan to do for my 30th B-day in July...

13:58: Agent Honey - What do you mean "if"?

13:58: Agent Truxi - Sweet. I still can't believe how far it went. (I did the library books and some NY stuff.)

13:58: fueledbystefo - i'm pretty confident that the show is gonna get picked up

13:58: Agent Nyoshi - still trying to figure out where i'm putting it >_<

13:58: Guest1368158169 - I put mine on my arm :3

13:58: Guest1368157954 - is it nine hours until official word?

13:58: AgentKlash - I'm getting a cool avengers/SHIELD logo tattoo at some point.

13:58: Agent Truxi - So it's not official yet?

13:58: dizmo - I am a Cubs fan, I completely advocate the "if" until ABSOLUTE SURETY occurs.

13:58: Agent Snark - I got to see the Coulson Lives parade marchers at Dragon*Con, that was a nice surprise.

13:58: fueledbystefo - i'm meeting stan lee in 3 weeks and getting his autograph tattooed on my arm ;d

13:58: Agent Mommy - Made SHIELD T-shirts with Coulson Lives on the sleeve for the family.

13:58: Agent Nyoshi - oh nice

13:58: Director E - It will be soon truxi, it's as good as done... just needs the official announcement from ABC

13:59: Director E - Is Clark still with us?

13:59: Guest1368158106 - Is Clark here?

13:59: Guest1368158169 - I have Stark Industries over my collar bone, SHIELD logo on the L.Arm, Hawkeye Tattoo on teh L.Arm, heroes tat behind my ear, the SPN tattoo on my chest, YGO tattoo on my lower arm, and a quote from moulin rouge on the other. XD.

13:59: Agent Truxi - Well, let's hope no one at ABC is allergic to money.

13:59: Agent Nyoshi - i did/continue to do a crap ton of art with Coulson on it as my contribution to the Coulson Lives movement

13:59: Guest1368158169 - ALL KINDSA GEEKY.

13:59: AgentKlash - It was great to see Clark come out at the El Capitan for Avengers, he looked so happy. Soak up all the nerd love man.

13:59: dizmo - It's gonna be the Longest Summer Ever.

13:59: hisnameisagent - Clark here

13:59: Agent Truxi - Oh.

13:59: Director E - ooh duh sorry :)

13:59: dizmo - Clark has the best chatname ever, that's how you know it's him.

13:59: Guest1368158154 - This is something

13:59: Guest1368157626 - I think Coulson should get his own Iron Man suit

13:59: Agent Truxi - eheheh, I'll just be giggling nervously now.

13:59: Director E - I'm going to go put your official badge on over at the forums

13:59: Agent L - someone should get the full Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division, then have it fade out to SHIELD

14:00: Guest1368158169 - Of course Clark get sthe good user name ;3

14:00: Agent Honey - Clark, gotta say again how much I loved "Trust Me"

14:00: Guest1368158051 - Am I the only one who's against the Hulk on the show? I mean, this is Clark's chance to shine even brighter, and having a superhero would def be a turn-off, even if it's the Hulk and if it's handled by mr. Whedon.

14:00: Agent Honey - Afraid I was pretty incoherent at the time

14:00: Agent Truxi - Was anyone saying anything about the Hulk?

14:00: Crossbones - I think its Abomination in that teaser

14:00: fueledbystefo - Hey Clark, what is it like working with Joss Whedon? He's my idol and inspiration and I would just love to get a chance to work with him someday!

14:00: Alwaysstargazing - Hello all

14:00: Guest1368157954 - Coulson doesn't need an Iron Man suit, he's badass on his own

14:00: hisnameisagent - Glad you loved Trust Me

14:00: Liberty - I'm not against anything being in the show. Bring it all.

14:00: Director E - 051 - I'm guessing it's just a tiny appearance from Hulk - if indeed that clip is S.H.I.E.L.D. related

14:00: Agent Truxi - Honestly, I'd like to see, say, She-Hulk, but cameo'd as lawyer Jennifer Walters.

14:00: dizmo - Besides, Tony would leave so many pranks in a suit made for Coulson, it would be ridiculous.

14:00: Guest1368158051 - It's obviously something to attract people for a pilot, but I sure hope this is not something they'll do on a frequent basis.

14:00: Guest1368157721 - SHIELD pick up + Much Ado wide release + Trust Me buyers would make this the greatest summer ever

14:00: Guest1368158169 - Trust me was brilliant, Clark. You and Sam Rockwell do amazing work together.

14:00: Agent Snark - The Summer of Gregg

14:01: Agent Nyoshi - Um, so I have a question for Clark. Have you had a chance to see what they're doing with Coulson in the comics recently? They're really doing an awesome job with him in Secret Avengers.

14:01: Agent Truxi - Mr. Gregg, just gotta say, thanks so much for your work in the MCU, and for being so freaking NICE to all the fans. You're fantastic.

14:01: hisnameisagent - I am so grateful for the Coulson love and support. If the show gets picked up tomorrow - it will be thanks to all of you.

14:01: Agent Honey - Oh, man, please tell me there's a distribution deal in the works for Trust Me... WANT!

14:01: Alwaysstargazing - wow you guys type fast

14:01: AgentKlash - Oh man, Truxy, gotta agree with you. If not for Clark, I would have not made it through my fiancee breaking up with me.

14:01: dizmo - Denial is a shockingly powerful thing.

14:01: Director E - there's no IF!! And pff.. we just watch, you do the hard part

14:02: Agent Honey - Man, it wouldn't be SHIELD without Coulson

14:02: hisnameisagent - I haven't seen secret avengers. Just bought some battle scars

14:02: Alwaysstargazing - Hello Mr. Gregg

14:02: Agent Snark - We're all rooting for it to be picked up!

14:02: dizmo - Battle Scars is awesome.

14:02: Guest1368158169 - We got you brought back from teh dead. We'll get you picked up XD

14:02: doinkies - Hi Mr. Gregg

14:02: Agent Nyoshi - Oh nice! I liked that book.

14:02: AgentKlash - Love battle scars!

14:02: allochthon - Mmmm. Battle Scars...

14:02: dizmo - But yeah, highly recommend Secret Avengers.

14:02: Agent Truxi - Coulson is kinda hilarious in Battle Scars.

14:02: AgentKlash - Cheese

14:02: AgentKlash - *snickers*

14:02: Guest1368157954 - Agreed on the Secret Avengers

14:02: dizmo - Coulson provides scones.

14:02: Agent Nyoshi - Secret Avengers is kicking all the ass

14:02: Liberty - Mr. G, any fav stand out moments from IM3?

14:02: dizmo - It's amazing.

14:02: Tanathir - This is something to get up from a fialed nap for

14:02: hisnameisagent - I am ashamed to say I have been working and haven't seen it yet. Going tomorrow I hope.

14:02: Guest1368158051 - Clark is so badass that he's in a freaking chat room talking to his fans. This is something not everyone would do, so we have to thank him too for being awesome to us, even if sometimes we're a little to crazy.

14:03: Guest1368157626 - ABC...SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. PICK UP THE SHOW.

14:03: AgentKlash - Well that answers my question on whether or not you stuck around at El Capitan on the 3rd.

14:03: Guest1368157954 - Also Coulson's guest appearance in Avenging Spiderman

14:03: Agent Honey - NWorking is good :')

14:03: Tanathir - can't work all the time

14:03: dizmo - Oh man, so snarky in Avenging Spidey.

14:03: Crossbones - It took me by complete surprise when he joined.

14:03: Alwaysstargazing - lol

14:03: Pepsiguy2 - Hi Clark, I just wanted to say that I love the work you're doing on Ultimate Spider-Man. It's a great take on Coulson. Would you voice the character for any sort of media if you were asked?

14:03: Agent Truxi - Oh he's in it?

14:03: Crossbones - It was 3 people like half an hour ago

14:03: dizmo - In issue 20, yes.

14:03: Liberty - It's so much fun. All 'splodey stuff and RDJ's sad eyes. Perfect.

14:03: Guest1368150212 - IM3 is the best yet, love the after credits moment (no spoilers)

14:03: hisnameisagent - Tweet me some titles, issue numbers. I must see these

14:04: doinkies - I loved IM3

14:04: dizmo - All of Secret Avengers, and then Avenging Spider-Man #20.

14:04: Guest1368158513 - Gooooo Downton!

14:04: Guest1368157596 - Still squeaking about the post-credit scene myself. Overall awesome.

14:04: Agent Truxi - I really need to pick up Avenging Spider-Man again. It's exactly what mainstream comics need--easy done-in-one stories with a recognizable character helping boost a lesser-known one, and written as something I could hand a ten-year-old at the library.

14:04: danregal - Hahaha! I need to get this thing working (danregal here)

14:04: AgentKlash - Man, I need to catch up on SA.

14:04: Agent Snark - Secret Avengers Coulson is amazing. And yeah, he brings scones.

14:04: Agent Honey - there was a lot of fansquee at the end-of-credits scene

14:04: Crossbones - Glad I joined here when I did, took the name Crossbones before anyone else could

14:04: Guest1368157954 - Some of us don't have twitter (though if I were to get one, it'd probably be to follow you easier)

14:04: danregal - oh hey, it is working

14:04: hisnameisagent - Alright, time to get my daughter offline and put her to bed. Thanks again!

14:04: Guest1368158169 - I have to Agree. Secret Avengers is brilliant

14:04: Guest1368158642 - Hey everyone

14:04: Agent Nyoshi - Secret Avengers, all of it, He's popped up in Indestructible Hulk and Uncanny X-Men too

14:04: AgentKlash - Thanks clark for coming!

14:04: Director E - Thanks so much for stopping by clark

14:04: allochthon - Mr. G, you mentioned a dream adaptation of "Blood Meridian?"

14:04: Guest1368158169 - BYE! THANK YOU FOR COMING!

14:04: Guest1368157596 - 'Night, sir. Thanks for the visit!

14:04: Alwaysstargazing - Night Mr. Gregg

14:04: doinkies - Bye, thanks

14:04: Crossbones - Cya Clark, great talking with you

14:04: Agent Snark - Night!!!

14:04: Agent Nyoshi - night!

14:05: danregal - thanks for stopping by Clark!

14:05: allochthon - Thanks and bye!

14:05: dizmo - Night! It was awesome!

14:05: Director E - And Good luck fo tomorrow! Not that you need it

14:05: Agent Nyoshi - thanks for stopping by!

14:05: Guest1368158642 - As a Couslon crossplayer *Salute*

14:05: Guest1368157626 - Thanks for stopping by!

14:05: Liberty - thanks, Mr. G!

14:05: Agent Ara - Good night!

14:05: Agent Honey - Goodnight, Clark!

14:05: hisnameisagent - as Ahnuld says, "I'll be back!

14:05: danregal - Mr Gregg. Agent.

14:05: fueledbystefo - Thanks for stopping by Clark! It really means a lot! Keep on being awesome

14:05: Agent Nyoshi - come again any time!


  1. trickarrows says

    What an awesome guy!! So nice to come say hi to his fans!! I cant believe this actually happened! Wish i was there! Maybe (hopefully!) there’ll be a repeat!

  2. wedible says

    Oh my asgardian god! How could I have not found this site so sooner?!?!?! I would have had the chance to talk to the real guy.

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