5 Thoughts About 1×20 “Nothing Personal”

After watching last night's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode "Nothing Personal" I wanted to share 5 things that stood out for me this week. Share your own thoughts in the comments below.


MayHillIf there was a female equivalent of "bromance" I'd use it here. Seeing Agent Hill in this episode erased any doubts I may have had about Hill being at the very least a recurring guest in season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (we should hear about a renewal before the season finale on May 13). Hill has loads of snark and it is awesome. While there seems to be a considerable amount of conflict, May and Hill clearly have a past and their relationship seems to be one of mutual respect. I want to see more of that and more of Hill in general. This episode carried right on from where things left off in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and I hope this story line plays out in more detail. What part will Hill have in rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D.? Will Tony Stark get more involved? What role will Coulson play and will Fury ever show his hand?

Coulson Stows Away

Coulson Stows AwayWhen Agent Coulson climbed into the wheel well as The Bus took off it transported me right back to the thing that made me fall in love with his character in the first place, the Marvel one-shot A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer. It reminded me that this normal looking guy in a smart suit is so much more than meets the eye and his words "I can take Ward" just reinforced that, my only disappointment is not getting to see that happen!


LolaThe scene with Lola was fun. It's about damn time we saw her again and the fact she got to be the hero of the scene made it even more worthwhile. I didn't quite buy the part where Skye almost flew away but the landing was superb. I would love to hear in an upcoming episode that Stark fixes her and maybe gives her an upgrade in the process. There have been few moments where humor is appropriate in these past few episodes, and it was subtle enough that people may have even missed the part where Coulson reaches for his pocket to hand the parking valet the $20 but it made me laugh, I do miss those lighthearted moments so while this was only a small one, I'll take it.


FitzSimmonsThere's no denying FitzSimmons has been rocky lately. For some reason Agent Tripplett took a back seat this week and it was nice to have a warm and fuzzy scene between FitzSimmons instead of one where they feel like they're being torn apart. Though I never thought she was Hydra I know I'm not alone in having a sense that something is going on with Simmons and that she may be hiding something. It did provide a certain degree of reassurance hearing both Fitz and Simmons tell each other that they're not Hydra.


TAHITIThere are always theories flying about after every twist and turn in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and just when you think everything has been covered the creative geniuses behind the show pull some new twist out of their hat. Nobody expected Agent Coulson himself to be the one behind T.A.H.I.T.I. The fact that the writers can do this to us, catch us completely off guard is one of the reasons Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is destined to be one of the best shows TV has ever seen.

Additional Thought: I have been a fan of Agent Ward since the beginning so when he "turned" on us it hit me right where it hurts, just like it did to his team. Many of us have tried hard to come up with logical explanations, some have suggested he was a triple agent, some speculated he was brainwashed or suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, but the more we learn the more we must draw the conclusion that Ward can never be redeemed. But those of us that have developed an attachment to the character, and to Brett Dalton who plays the role, don't want to just give up, so I propose a new theory. We know that Coulson's memories were wiped, and all trace his involvement with T.A.H.I.T.I. was erased, so what if after learning what made Ward turn in the first place (his abuse filled childhood and Garrett's manipulation since his teenage years), Coulson decides to use the same device on Ward to erase or change his memories, wipe his evil side clean? Grasping at straws? Yes, absolutely, but what can I say... I really want Agent Ward and Brett Dalton in season 2!

How about you? What were the most significant things for you in this week's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Add your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. says

    Coulson says, “I can take Ward.” Deeper, more fascinating, more kick-ass is when Skye answers without missing a beat, “I know.”

    Speaks volumes about Coulson’s bad-assery, and how much faith Skye has in Coulson. Loved that scene, among many others.

    Well done, SHIELD writers. And to the cast, you all deserve every bit of love from your rabid fans. Kudos!

  2. M.C.R.R. says

    Well, I don’t agree that “Ward can never be redeemed” – during episode 20 we all have seen that Garret was willing to sacriface Ward in order to get this data. I think that, as the story continues, Ward will gradually lose his “faith” in Garret and will try to regain the trust of the team. Of course, the whole thing would take some time – maybe even a whole season or more.

  3. MANDY says

    Ward shouldn’t be redeemed, he has killed lots of good innocent people and betrayed the whole team. If they somehow make him back into a good guy I think it would be a really disappointing and take some of the edge off what was an epic betrayal.

    Besides Wards “real” personality is a creepy psycho, I mean that scene with him telling Skye his feelings were real and she said she wanted to vomit. He was soooo creepy, you just can’t trust that kind of mental.

    I’d like to see Ward disappear for a while but come back as a villain later on. A good show needs a good villain and seeing Ward will always hurt the team on a level that another villain can’t. Simply because he was their friend and part of their family. Besides he is much better, and more interesting as a bad guy.

  4. Gary says

    I believe Ward is not Evil…just like Michael Peterson is not evil. Peterson has done some pretty bad stuff, but it is all to protect his son.

    Ward…I believe…is trying to protect Skye. I believe Ward may have an eye implant like Deathlok does or Garret has some sort of threat over Skye knowing that will keep Ward in line.

    Recall that Ward told Skye that he beat up his little brother because his big brother forced him to? Could Garret be the big Brother? Or maybe is Garret under orders from the Big Brother?

  5. M.C.R.R. says

    I personally would like to see Ward struggling between his loyalty for Garrett and his feelings for Skye – that will constantly leave us wondering which “side” of him will eventually win. It would keep Ward character interesting to watch.

  6. Michelle says

    Did anyone else notice that when Ward ran out of the diner after Skye he didn’t fatally shoot the two cops by the car? He shot one in the leg and the other in the shoulder. If he was truly evil he would have gone for a kill shot – which we know he could have made. There is a part of him that is redeemable.

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